Let Us Come Into Nebula Outdoor Gobo Projector Family!

As we know, the gobo projector is also named as gobo lights, logo projectors. They are usually for outdoor applications such as street projection, building projection, large scale image projectors. People project logos on the street, building, bridge, project at store, bar, subway station, concert hall, cinema, etc, for advertising, guide or creating atmosphere.

Recently, a series of LED outdoor gobo projector were launched after a long time hard working of Nebula R&D team. The family includes 100W LED gobo light, 200W LED logo projector, 300W LED water effect light projector and 500W LED gobo projector light. All the guys are with IP65 protection rate, which are very suitable for the outdoor environment. Now, let me introduce every cute guy for you.




The smallest and the most flexible guy is 100W LED gobo image projector. His name is Uranus 10.0. Why is he the flexible guy in our waterproof outdoor gobo projector family? We will tell you in the end. Let's go on introducing you Uranus 10.0. The guy allows obtaining optimal projections with low power consumption and clear powerful output. The compact fixture fits a high-quality 100W LED, 7 colors and 7 gobos with bi-directional rotating rainbow effect. He features linear motorized zoom 13 degrees to 29 degrees, 0-100% variable linear dimmer and lightweight. He can bear stormy weather, like a strong man!




The youngest brother of Uranus 10.0 is 200W LED logo light projector named Uranus 20.0. The guy stands for its powerful output, energy efficiency and compact outlook. He comes with an excellent 200W LED, 7 dichroic colors and 6 rotating gobos including 5 glass gobos and 1 diamond glass gobo. Featuring linear motorized zoom 11 degrees to 29 degrees and 0-100% variable linear dimming curves, the fixture is with 4 control modes. Fully waterproof rate IP65 makes it suitable in outdoor even though in rain.




The most outstanding in our family is 300W waterproof outdoor logo projector named Mizar Rippot. He is a LED water ripples light since he equips with 2 independent water streak glass wheels. The water streak is extremely vivid and real-like. He is also a changeable guy. Normally, he is a multi-functional fixture with spot and water wave effect. However, if you like, he can transform into a fixture only with spot effect, or only with water wave effect. The water wave ripple effect light has been used in many projects at home and abroad.



The most powerful LED is 500W logo light projector named Uranus 50.0. He looks like a big gun with extremely high power. Coming with 500W color white LED, independent control 3-facet circular and 6-facet linear rotating prisms, 2 rotating gobo wheels, a wide range of zoom from 10 degrees to 40 degree and other optical features, the fixture creates prominent effects. His most similar and the closest brother is Mizar Rippot.



4 brothers of Nebula ip65 rate gobo-projector family adopt modularized component with convenient and easy removal. All the gobos of them are acceptable customized. As we mentioned in the beginning, Uranus 10.0 is a flexible guy in our family. Why? It is because the gobos can be changed rather simply and easily. How to change? Let us go!



Our outdoor gobo projector family are ideal for weddings, retail stores, promotional events, city beauty and so on. If you want to know more, please follow us and we will introduce more for you.




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