Nebula powered Taklimakan Rally 2019 in Aksu, Xinjiang

On 20th May, the opening ceremony of Taklimakan Rally 2019 was grandly held in Aksu, Xinjiang. Nebula powered the event with her 500W LED profile moving head light and flagship product 300W LED spot moving head light for sale.


Nebula manufactures outdoor moving christmas lights.


Nebula is one of led stage lighting manufacturers providing high quality products.


Nebula produces waterproof led stage lighting products.


500W LED profile moving head light adopts customized 500W white LED module with high output. The unique framing system can cut any sharpy polygon, which is very suitable for theatre.  It was designed with low working noise. We have got much praise from different customers on the quiet and silent working of the framing shutter moving head.


Nebula 500W framing shutter moving head


300W LED spot moving head light is with CMY, customized open-molding and unique outlook. The extremely high quality of construction, effects and light output delivers that the fixture is reliable. The remarkable feature of 300W LED moving head stage light is quiet working with few noise, which can match with the environment friendly.


Nebula is moving head light manufacturers providing 300W LED spot moving head.


Thanks for the hard work of those who handled the lighting events!


Nebula 300W LED outdoor moving head lights.


Nebula 500W LED moving head stage lights


Nebula 500W led profile moving head light



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