As one of professional stage lighting manufacturers in China, Nebula always adopts high quality, stable and reliable components for all lighting products. By integrated excellent materials, controlled manufacturing process strictly and provided perfect service, Nebula outstanding lighting products come out. Nebula products not only involves in entertainment but also involves in architecture. The lighting products for entertainment include a large number of lighting fixtures like LED par lights for sale, battery-powered LED uplights, LED wash moving heads, LED beam moving heads, spot moving head stage lights, LED profile moving head lights, LED logo projectors, LED water ripples lights and so on. The products for architecture includes outdoor wash lights like led city color lights and wall washers and flood light. Nowadays, Nebula waterproof lighting products are popular, like waterproof battery powered uplights, waterproof led par lights, outdoor city color wash lights, waterproof wash moving head lights and outdoor gobo projectors, etc.

Equipped with good optical features like a color wheel, fixed gobo wheel, rotating gobo wheel, smooth dimmer, linear zoom, variable speed strobe, and frost filter, Nebula lighting products can create the wonderful, charming and amazing lighting effect.

With fashional outlook and lightweight, Nebula moving head light for sale and other lighting products can match the installation environment-friendly. They are the perfect match for various application venues like stadiums, theaters, concerts, ceremonies, parties and so on.

Our sales team is trained in all aspects of all Nebula lighting products and provides the best professional service for you.