The videos refer to video of Nebula lighting products, lighting show and projects. The products video mainly introduce you the main features together with the wonderful lighting effect. In addition, the videos also show you the lighting show and projects installed with Nebula product.

You will know the products directly by watching the video of Nebula most products, including battery powered LED uplights, LED par lights for sale, outdoor city color wash light, LED spot moving head light for sale, LED wash moving head, LED beam moving head, LED profile moving head light, LED logo projector, LED water ripples light and so on. As the waterproof lighting products become more and more welcome and popular, you can also know more waterproof products by the video, like waterproof battery powered uplights, waterproof LED par light, waterproof wash moving head light, outdoor moving head lights, outdoor moving christmas lights and outdoor gobo projector, etc.

Nebula team would like to share with you the videos of lighting show and projects, using Nebula products like water effect light projector, LED gobo light, framing shutter moving head, moving head beam, moving head stage lights, moving head wash light, and LED city color light, etc. The lighting show is attractive, and Nebula great thanks to the customers who share the projects with us. Nebula products are a perfect match for concerts, weddings, clubs, DJs, stadiums, road shows and so on.


The 500W led framing shutter shootout features its quiet working with few noise, innovative framing system, CMY + CTO Colormix system, wide zoom, smooth linear dimmer. For more, there are 6 dichoric colors, 8 static gobos, 6 rotating gobos, 1 fire animation wheel, 3-facet circular and 4 facet linear rotating prisms. Unexpected lighting effect will be brought for you.


The page is first the picture (the upper picture of the video), followed by the navigation part, respectively Products Videos, Light Show & Projects. Then there is the main push video (only one), in addition to the product name, there is a simple description. Followed by the arrangement of other videos (only the product name is displayed, no description is required). The video screens in the example arrangement are too small to be enlarged and look more ugly.