What is Nebula? Do you know?

What is Nebula? In a dictionary, Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases.


In China, there is a led stage lighting manufacturer named Nebula. Being one of high-tech professional stage lighting companies for more than 13 years, Nebula always insists on manufacturing various of stage lighting equipment to meet the needs of market, like led par lights for sale, moving head stage lights, led profile moving head light, outdoor gobo projector, battery powered led uplights, LED wall washer, strobe light, blinder light and dancing floor, ect.




To ensure the high quality of products, Nebula integrates excellent materials of famous suppliers like OSRAM, SANYO, SEETRONIC with high reliability and stability, advanced optical system and technology, well-experienced assembly and rigorous testing and so on. Nebula products usually can be used for a long time around 5 years without any problems and after service. Because of this, Nebula gains good reputation from customers all over the world. In addition, many customers are glad to share the pictures of local projects or events using our professional stage lighting products with us.  




As we know, waterproof LED stage lighting are becoming more and more popular in these years. All waterproof lighting products used for stage are included in, like moving head, par light, blinder light.


Taking advantage of the tendency, Nebula researched and developed a waterproof wash moving head light recently. The outdoor moving head lights with IP65 fit 19pcs 40W Osram RGBW LEDs. The outdoor-ready fixture features true 1 compatible power input, built-in color wheel and virtual gobo wheel, LED individual control, RDM enables for remote addressing and trouble shooting, special dreamlike Kaleidoscope effect and other remarkable features. The waterproof led stage lights are ideal for mobile applications or for fixed installations at Christmas party, amusement parks, concert, and ceremony, etc, even in raining or in water environment.



Another hot product that belongs to LED stage lighting is LED par lights for sale. According to different applications from customers, Nebula arranges two kinds of par cans including Non-waterproof /waterproof led par light for customers’ choose. Even though par light is the most common and simplest type of LED fixture in entertainment lighting, Nebula still pays highly attention to any details from the beginning to end of manufacturing the light. Nebula could provide the following par lights:
54×3W RGBW 4 in 1 par light( non-waterproof / waterproof selectable)
18×18W RGBW/RGBWA/GRBWA+UV 4/5/6 in 1 par light( non-waterproof / waterproof selectable)
24×18W RGBW/RGBWA/GRBWA+UV 4/5/6 in 1 par light ( non-waterproof / waterproof selectable)
120×3W RGBW 4 in 1 par light
60×3W RGBW 4 in 1 par light
180×10W RGBWA/ RGBWA+UV 5/6 in 1 par light




Except the IP-rated wash moving head and LED par can introduced above, Nebula has other lighting products for stage. If you want to know more, please follow us and we will introduce more about Nebula for you. 





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